Monday, 22 April 2013

The Voice UK Season 2. Yeah?

So I am a little broken hearted because The Voice US's YouTube is limited to their countrymen and it's not available in my country so I didn't mind disregarding that shiz. Well, as much as I think Shakira's presence is such a lovely twist, and as much as I love Adam, well I think now is the perfect time and I would just appeal to whoever to please make it available outside your country please. Or not. Whatever. I hope The Voice Philippines (soon) and The Voice Japan (is there any?) wouldn't make its videos available to your country too! Just kidding. :)) 

The Voice UK Coaches
On other news, I think after watching The Script's Manchester Concert on YouTube, The Voice UK series 2 Episode 1 presented itself to me. The wand chooses the wizard, right? Okay. And so I watched it. What else? Not from their official YouTube though. I can't be so sure whether BBC made it available or what. Anyways, it doesn't matter. I have so far watched all the episodes that there is and what can I say? It kind of bothers me that they're working in unison sometimes in a sense that they're giving way for the other coaches to have an artist that they like. Which shouldn't be the case. You know, ADAM wouldn't let that happen. I understand that they just want the best for the singers there and that they just want them to be at the right person's but yeah I don't know how to feel about that but let's just leave them alone.  

I realized one thing why I like The Voice more than anything else. Or Audition wise at least. It's the family of the contestants. Say, American Idol, the family wouldn't know whether their relative got a ticket right away. I mean, they have to wait for them to come out the door, right? Whilst in The Voice, they would know right away. They would know while it's happening. It just makes me happy that I can see the family being supportive and all that. It makes me emotional a little bit. Family thing makes me emotional, I think. There's this particular contestant who hit me because she loves her grandma so much and her grandma is ill but was able to make it and was able to watch her audition and it's just nice that she dedicated her audition performance to her grandma. I love my grandma so I have a soft spot for that. Also, a lot of performances dedicated to someone they love so it's very nice.

As for my favorite contestant, I only have one in mind as of the moment. LEAH MCFALL! She reminds me so much of Melanie Martinez of The Voice US. I think this girl can sing better though. Or I don't know. She really nailed that Rita Ora song that I like (R.I.P.) so that adds up to it.


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