Sunday, 21 April 2013

Let's Talk Beauty

I actually and honestly think I have nice eyes. That's all I could brag about anyways. LOL just kidding. 

I watched a short documentary about something alarming, shocking, and amazing all at the same time. The story is that they hired a forensic sketch artist from the FBI and what they did was that individually, they asked this women to have a somehow private session with this artist and then this artist asked these women to describe themselves physically and stuff and then he sketched them accordingly. Then they have few people there that are not related to the women and assigned them to a particular woman and they were asked to get to know each other a little better and all that. And then the apprentices were then asked individually on how they would describe their partners. Now, I don't know if the apprentices were just really kind and gentle (I bet not) about bringing out the flaws of their partners but you know, their description for me is actually more accurate than that of how the girls described themselves. It's kind of sad though that we all we care about is our flaws and everything we don't like. What about our assets? Our strengths? I doubt if there's not any. Go find out! 

This is a very good show for us who are sometimes feeling down because of our looks and whatever. Maybe we just don't know it yet but we're good enough. We're always gonna be good enough. We don't have to be way too complacent and be way too confident though to the point that we're bragging it and stuff because that shizz would probably be annoying already. But have it your own way of course.

Growing up, I never really liked any of my features. Except my eyes that are almond shaped (FTW). They may be a little uneven sometimes but they're kind of cute. Well, my skin used to be so perfect before but now, it's not at its best so let's just take that out of the list. LOL. See, I don't think I'm aesthetically pleasing or something but I was never lonely about it either. I was bullied (many times) on how I look and I cried about it when I was younger but at the end of the day, I know I'm better than what those jerks think (where are they now by the way?). Excuse my self confidence. Really though! They were the "cool" guys and girls back then but now, what? Most of them were kicked out because of their behavior. LOL. Now, that's something to laugh at. At least for me. If you're a teenager (or younger) and you're being bullied on how you look, don't you worry about it. It's just a phase. Believe me. High school is when it all stopped for me but you know wherever you are now, you could always give those bullies a good punch straight to their faces right away! Just kidding. 

I'm probably younger than those women in the video and looking at them actually makes me feel sad that they think less of themselves somehow. They're grown ups and they should probably know themselves better than that. Or they're probably just shy or something. Anyways. This video is a good eye opener and yeah let's just enjoy what we're given and if we're not pleased, then we can probably ask for more. If that's what will make us happy.

If you're interested, here's a link for the documentary. :) Click here to watch the documentary. 

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