Friday, 19 April 2013

Fallin' to Pieces

If you don't know Janine Tugonon, that's her picture above I got from Yahoo. And if you don't know what happened to her, I would just link it here. THE ARTICLE I WAS TALKING ABOUT.  I am a fan of The Script if you don't know already and Janine is somehow affiliated with my very dear friend, Erika because they were like in the search for Ms. and Mr. Pharmacy thingy together way back 2009. Probably.

Gorge friend in yellow
So what happened was Janine broke up with her boyfriend because of "DANNY of The Script". Actually, I don't think it's because of Danny alone. Her boyfriend tweeted so. Her boyfriend was right though that if she's not interested, then she wouldn't be interested in contacting Danny as he wish so yeah. SO SHE'S INTERESTED. 

My sisters really freaked out when they knew about this and my youngest sister was actually the one who told me this because I wasn't able to watch KrisTV's episode on that so whatever. You should hear my sisters rant about this. I was entertained. Haha.

"Well, that's what we would all do naman e. Right, ate?" - Mika
"What are you taking about?" - Me 

I don't know what to feel about it to be honest. I'm not angry or whatsoever. Jealous, maybe. LOL. Whatever. I think it wouldn't be such a great deal if Danny is out of the picture. I think it became a big issue because of the big people involved. Imagine if a normal guy would say "follow me on twitter and I will follow you back" to her. Who cares? Probably only their closest friend would know about that and maybe less than 1/4 of the people ranting about this issue now would care and stuff. You get the point.

You know, let's just leave them alone. They're not kids seeking for our guidance nor opinions so what's up? If they wouldn't be together, so are you. BAD NEWS,eh? I hope they know what they're doing though. Sana. I really feel bad for Janine. I feel like she deserve to explain herself once again and probably be able to clear her name. I'm not saying what she did is right but who are we to pass judgment? I also feel bad for the guy. Being compared to a guy more popular than him is just not fair. 

No strong insight about this and all that but I really just want to post this pictures of mine that I edited using some Japanese app so yeah. I didn't to bombard you with selfies so I kind of made it relevant to the topic. Yey!

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