Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Son of a B. Literally.

Early morning, not so long ago, I went out to check on our doggies and just when I was about to step in my flip flops, I saw this. And I was like, not panicking and asked my grandma who did it. And she said SHIKI.  Well ,of course! Who else? This thing I only wear when I'm going not so far from our house but it was a gift to me by my auntie so it's kind of important to me as well so I was really surprised. What did I do, you ask? I picked up the damaged one and taught SHIKI a lesson. PETA, your argument is invalid. LOLJK. He probably expected me to punish him so here's what he did.  He started acting weird when I shouted his name.

This literally made me laugh because he entered his cage when he was still a baby. He was too huge for the cage. You know, I trained SHIKI (obviously failed) before not to touch shoes, slippers, and stuff. And when I was still an intern, he was actually very well behaved and didn't touch my black shoes so I dunno. 

Also, he wouldn't look at me straight. GUILTY! This weird action of his continued for the whole day and for some reason, I was entertained. 

But of course, I still love SHIKI. 

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