Friday, 15 March 2013

Hers and Mine.

Like I said, I was catching up with movies and this time, I'm gonna review Bourne Identity. Well not really review though. Just gonna say something about it and what my opinions on it are and stuff like that. Actually, I watched When in Rome before Bourne but it was so kinda walang kwenta kaya 'wag nalang. Haha. This one is like an old film na. Released 2002 pa. Pero anyways. 

So it is about Jason Bourne, an assassin who lost his memory. He was found floating by some fishermen sort of. The guy who was cutting his body sort of found out that he got shot and yeah good thing there's someone in the boat who knows how to remove it from his body and all that stuff. And then the interesting part was there was a tiny laser kind of bullet found in his hip and when the doctor/that someone flashed it on the wall, it revealed his bank number. Okay so fast forward.

The cops were everywhere looking for him and he don't know why. He still got the skills though. Fighting and all that self defense stuff. Then he had to go to Paris but riding a train's too dangerous and everything else so he followed the girl in the front of the line when he was in the US Embassy and kind of heard her problem that she's broke and all that. So he offered him 10 grand for a ride to Paris and that he'll give him another 10 when they get there. And then the girl kind of put herself in danger by actually doing that but even though Jason Bourne, the assassin I was talking about already instructed her to go to the police and say everything she knows to clear her name but she didn't. Oh well. And so she was then part of the target. Like, she went with him everywhere and then she was given a chance to go away with Jason Bourne's remaining money and even though she doesn't want to go, she did.

Jason Bourne then fixed things and when he was able to, he was able to find the girl and yeah. Happy ending.

What can I say? I was kind of impressed with the whole thing. With how the people looking for Jason work, how they were able to find him and track him and all that. Also, since it's Paris, you know! Me likey. Can I just say that Jason changed everything kind of right? I mean, the girl's hair and stuff but he didn't change the red bag that he used. And at one point, he was actually identified as the man with the red bag. Why is that so though? Anyways just being real here, I probably wouldn't go with someone like him in a sense because first of all, she's aware that the police was looking for the guy even before she agreed to drive him to Paris. Well given that there's 20 grand involved, I would probably give him a ride up to his apartment, get the money, and go. But to actually get myself involved? Na-ah. I would just probably have a good meal near the Eiffel Tower, buy some macaroons and get myself some fancy souvenirs. And then go back to Germany. And then go back to France again. Oh well. Life. 

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