Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Let's cross over. I don't know what that means. Probably to travel or whatever. You probably watched that film already. Eat Pray Love. I just did. Now that I have time to watch movies, I'll try my best to catch up. For some reason, I really find learning any European language difficult. I was about to put Abercrombie as a title. Anyways.

I was battling whether I should watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (potterhead!) or Eat Pray Love yesterday. I watched Goblet of Fire probably twice but Eat Pray Love, I haven't (yesterday) so I settled for that. I haven't read the book or anything but I plan to. Hopefully soon.

I liked the film. It kind of reflects reality. Well its not that I like reality or whatsoever but I like that it's not very fictional. You know what I mean? You feel me? So it all started with this couple who can't seem to have the same outlook on life. Liz got an attorney, wanted a divorce, got it, and voila! I just want to comment on what happened. I kind of pity the guy because he believed that it'll still work out. I guess it's Liz's fault for giving up too easily (at least in the movie). Proof is that the guy didn't sign the divorce paper right away. Although he was presented to be childish on screen but still, he reasoned out and didn't want a divorce. Not interested was the term used.

And then there's this another guy who Liz had an eye contact with during a play and then they kind of lived together, I don't know how long. And then this guy, influenced Liz to pray. I don't mean to offend anyone by not knowing but the person they're praying to was introduced as a Guru. Or maybe I missed it. Not really good with names if you can't tell it yet. Anyways. Liz was not happy any more, there's no more passion, they're fighting over things already, and that happened.

Liz then planned a trip for herself to find her "balance". She said she'll go to Italy (Rome), India, and Indonesia (Bali) respectively. Because in the beginning of the film, Liz went to Ketut (a healer) in Bali and I think it was her fate or something like that. I don't know. I guess it's a good point. Doing something to actually make your "fate" a reality. I've talked about it a lot so whatevs. So then right before she go about her travels, Liz got a call from her attorney and said that her husband signed the divorce thingy already. So we now go to ROME!

It's like a Wanderlust episode of FAWN for a second but me likey. All she did there was eat eat eat! Pizza, pasta, espresso, napoleon, gelato, and more! And then she met a couple of cool people, became friends with them, and all that. And then it was time for her to go.

Time to go to India. She weren't able to focus for a couple of sessions because according to her, she and the Guru have a different outlook on life. She met this guy from Texas and even though he was presented as someone annoying at first, he shared some words of wisdoms to her. And he actually made a deal with her that she won't leave the place until she was able to forgive herself. I think they became friends because she e-mailed her about what she want to for her birthday along with those she met in ROMA and her friends in New York. 

Lastly, she went to Bali. She went back to Ketut and Ketut said that she was far different from the first time he saw her that's why he wasn't able to recognize her right away. Like, she was doing so good and all that. In Bali, she was able to meet a guy named Felipe by accident. She was biking and then this guy who was driving a jeep that time didn't notice her and almost killed her. Felipe is actually a Brazilian who apparently is in the same situation with her. Only worse. So they lived together and stuff like that. And then in the end, when Felipe invited Liz to an island, she refused and all that so that happened. She then went to Ketut for her final session because she was leaving already and then she was enlightened and she was told that she shouldn't sacrifice love for a balanced life or something like that. In the end, they went to that island and they were happy. The end.

It was actually nice. I didn't regret I watched it over my HP. It talked a lot about divorce though which I understand but I don't at the same time. I mean, people should really think over things before getting married. Or totally be responsible and try to work things out. The problem with people is that they think divorce is an option so they just disregard marriage like that. I don't understand how quickly she fell in love with Felipe. I think she was just lonely or maybe she was already happy when she met him because of the deal she made with that man from Texas  So let's get that out of the context. I didn't mention earlier but I was bothered by the woman in Ketut's house who said a girl needs a man/husband in her life. You know, I don't think so. I think it's a preference. That's why lots of marriage turn out to be a failure because of that thinking. I was also bothered by how much it was stressed that she was not married. I mean, so what? So there you have it guys. My not so clear reaction about the movie . :) But I liked it. I mean, really.

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