Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Grand Duty!

Here it is! This is like, a preview on what happened awhile ago. I did block off the day but I wasn't sure whether or not to go until this morning. I was actually waiting for my friend's decision because I said that if she go, I go. I don't know but for some reason, I speak The Script at random moments. Anyways. She didn't go but I did.

With a friend and the friend I was talking about. The plan (evil) was actually to take sooooo many pictures to annoy and envy this friend of ours who weren't able to come because she said not to take too much pictures. Hahaha 

We saw the effort of the organizers and all that so we helped with the stuff we will be using for the games. 

Them doing the ever classic Calamansi Relay. By the way let me just say that I have a love and hate relationship with this iPhone camera feature called HDR. I don't know what it is but basically it kind of lightens the picture so basing from what's actually happening when it's on, it's probably that. 

And food! And Madame President on the other side. 

I know not all people want to see food photos. I actually sometimes don't want to see people taking pictures of it as well but let's just have it our own way and be happy :) What's that again? Haha

A picture with a friend who we left behind there. I actually planned to take pictures with everyone but some of them left ahead so I wasn't able to but yeah. I'll probably show you guys more photos if I see them up somewhere. Haha

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