Sunday, 6 January 2013

Tagaytay Trip. Part 2.

Just to refresh you with what happened on our TAGAYTAY TRIP, you can click on that link to sort of refresh yourselves or whatnot. :))

Can I just say that the trip up is probably my favorite part of our trip here. If you don't know what this is, this is actually TAGAYTAY'S PEOPLE PARK IN THE SKY which is like, really up the sky, if you can't tell. The trycicle fare is actually supposed to be 60 pesos but because we're on a budget, which I will tell you like, after the whole thing, we were only charged 45 pesos. Like, 15 pesos each. Which is quite a deal.

And the orientation of the picture is not because we're bad photographers or what but because it's actually really like that in real life. It's kind of tilted or whatever you call it.

And to actually get up more, well the main thing (or is it?) is actually up above this whole inclined plane? What? Ah basta you have to walk up to actually get to the picnic thingy and to have a more beautiful view of the city. The thing is jeepney drivers are actually very rampant and would want you to ride their jeepneys for like a cost. Like, if I can remember it right, 40 bucks? Which we, by the way concluded defeats the purpose of going to this place. Because, there's actually not much to see except for the view up. And if you would just want to go to the highest area of the place, that's like, wag nalang.

And because there is like a very big pineapple plantation in the city, and there are sort of little ones too that are scattered just about everywhere, Tagaytay is also known as one of the producers of pineapples in the Philippines. It's quite obvious because at the top of the People's Palace in the Sky, there;s this like tilted pineapple something something. Which is heavily vandalized by the way and that's like super minus points.

And then we were lucky to have the courage to ask someone to actually take our picture. It's awesome just to have someone to capture the moment. It's kind of awkward though. And can I just say that this is kind of a failure shot? Because the shot below should have been captured as well but for some reason, maybe the lady thought that we dressed really well for the occasion so she kind of captured our outfits instead. But thanks! Really! :)

Breathtaking view from above!

And then it got really foggy. As you can see, we were able to find another person to take a picture of us three. Thank you! :) We were kind of shy because we all have a camera right? And then my cousin actually have her camera to the man first and then the man was like looking at my camera and said that he would take a picture in my camera as well. Grateful grateful!

And after a while, it became really really foggy and it rained. Not so fun. But it was. Hahaha

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