Sunday, 6 January 2013


This is awesome! This is like exactly what I want to put in my bathroom in the future! Originally, I just want the hand-washing part because I know how important that is. But this is like the perfect concept! And I was also thinking that I should put sanitizers on the wall thingy in at least 5 places around the house so that people would learn how to disinfect and stuff. Awesome, right?

I'm also digging this Harry Potter's Cupboard Under the Stairs look alike storage box. I don't want to expose everything I own. I want to keep them safe and organized. Except displays of course.

This! I would definitely have this too. I don't like the font though. And I would probably display this on my living room's wall. And I think it would be better if this would be bulleted or numbered. I guess it'd be easier to read. The picture above needs a little bit of effort to read. So yeah.

I would also want to have something like this. For some reason, I want my version a little more dramatic. Like, probably show the transition of the season. Like, there would be no leaves during the winter and in the fall, leaves would actually just be on the ground and spring, you know the rest! :)

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