Sunday, 30 December 2012

Tagaytay Trip! Part 1.

So! I've been wanting to go out of the city for like, the longest time and thank goodness I have at least one getaway experience to share with you. This is like an accidental slash not so sure getaway but I'm really proud to say that we made it alive. OBVIOUSLY. Hahaha

We went to Picnic Grove which is like one of the popular tourist spot in that area. I've been there like, four times my lifetime I guess. The weather was hot - cold. It's significantly colder at night. I mean, not that it's cold here in the city. 

My hair looking like a mess. ALL THE TIME. LOL. Blame it on my best friend for having a shampoo commercial ready hair. Okay lang. Mahangin naman hahaha.

The view. Like, who wouldn't want to go to a place like this? Not the best place to go but compared to the city of Manila, hell yes.

I feel so bad that people actually don't really care and write stuff everywhere and then they throw stuff everywhere as well. Which is like annoying. Well, generally speaking, I hate seeing rubbish where it shouldn't be seen. Like, there's pretty much a lot of trash bins there but since people are people, OH WELL. 

Then there's this Zipline that we probably should have tried but didn't. I don't know but it should have been a little bit longer for me to be convinced that the fee is gonna be worth it. Kind of expensive if you ask ,me. But still, people actually queue for this attraction.

My bestie and cousin walking in this hanging bridge. It's not so nice anymore since it's dirty underneath. 

We actually required each one to bring packed lunch for us to share and stuff. 

Can I just say that almost every hour, we would mention how long my best friend's hair is and that she should cut it already. Hahaha

Us already done with out thing here. Next stop please! 

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  1. Ah I am also a victim of bad hair problems :(
    Yay time with bestie is best. Lovely clouds :)

    Aree With Umbrella


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