Thursday, 3 January 2013

I survived!

Today is page 2 of my 365 pages book.

I survived. And I am happy. You probably know that I am talking about yesterday here. And I am extremely happy that I was able to rest after that long day I had. Because if I weren't, I'm probably dead tired, still sleeping, and wouldn't be able to go on duty today.

Well to be honest, I was thinking of not going to work yesterday. But at the same time, I was thinking of my post mate's condition. Like, I really thought of her whilst contemplating if I should go to work. Because we were talking about not absenting because there are lots of our co-interns from other school who will. So if I would absent, she would be left alone in Clinical Microscopy I and II. Because she have to take over of my work, yeah? And I don't want that. Provided that it's actually New Year and there are massive people in the ER.

So I went to work. When I came there, she told us that she's stuck in the traffic. Meaning, I have to take over her work. Ha! It wasn't a good night. SOOO TOXIC. Follow ups here and there, processing many urine samples, releasing blood bags, and all that! But it was quite an experience.

Oh well. That's life. And someone actually told me that I really shouldn't have went to work because I am not paid and all that and he made his point but for some reason, even though I'm dead tired, I didn't actually regret yesterday. I guess it's all about the experience.

I'm quite disappointed, right. But it isn't her point either. If I were in her position, I probably wouldn't go to work as well. Because of the hospital policy and all that stuff. But I'm still quite disappointed that I came to work for her sake and she didn't even think of mine. But we're friends.

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