Saturday, 10 November 2012

Together Still.

Might sound a little dramatic but not really. So yeah it's just my first in-mates and I's pictures that we took last Tuesday. Awesome! :)

For some reason, I really think that I', kind of attached more to my first in-mates than this second semester's batch. Or probably it's still kind of too early too tell. But anyways.

I don't actually know if I said it already but we all think (those who are in the picture at least. and more!) that we got lower  lower grade than we think we deserve. Like, genuinely low. I hate it.

Two things I have to be thankful for though are probably FRIENDSHIP and EXPERIENCE. Which are quite big deals already. But I'm a STUDENT. And I have to graded for my performance and all that accordingly. And I honestly don't think that I did that poorly. Like, I actually gave quite a lot of effort to be graded as such.

Okay moving on...

I like how we all look so happy here. We're actually happy. Just not with the grades we got. You know, when we all meet like this kind of situation, we can't help but talk about it. Which will not change anything, but yeah we leave it to the hospital's administration to take action of our request of showing how they got about the grades they've given.

My grade is kind of okay compared to the others but STILL! I'm not gonna settle for less than what I TRULY deserve. Okay seriously...enough of that.

Picture above is actually a shot from an app called Dreamlike and yeah. :)) That's all! :)

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