Saturday, 10 November 2012

InstaPix 2.

I'm just gonna go on with the numbering so everything would make sense and stuff, yeah? Yeah. Thanks. LOL. I haven't been blogging lately. LOL. Just kidding. IDK. It's just that I used to blog like everyday and it's been two days since my last post so it's kind of alarming in such a way. Okay never mind. :D

Botanical Garden treasure. Like, when our professor wasn't able to make it to class, we went out and explored a little bit.

:/ What? LOL. Don't worry Simple Line! I still like you.

Some grapes that looks sweet but sour anyways.

For some reason, I really got addicted to flower pictures. Like, on Tumblr, if it looks good and floral, then boom. Instant reblog.

This is a picture of a flower in my mom's mini garden. I think I'm gonna have to take more pictures soon. Like, love! :D So yeah, that's all I have to share for now. If you want though, you can follow my Instagram but whatever. My username there is SHIKIMIKIE :)

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