Thursday, 8 November 2012

I'm an Interior Designer. Nah.

When I was younger, I kind of dreamed to have a very very big house.

But it's different now. I think I want a house that's like, family friendly. Like, you can see everyone without giving so much effort.

Something like the picture above. :) I mean, the size.

Two floors, high ceiling, mini gym, mini library and a mini garden would basically be my vague idea of what I want my house to have in the future. Don't get me wrong though. I know people have to have bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, and all that stuff. It's not like I want my future house to have only what I included. Okay let's move on.


I mean, I think it's quite therapeutic to run  a vegetable garden. Like, you have to be work hard for the plants to survive and all that. I guess it's also a nice way to kill time. Plus! You'll have wonderful salad when time comes.

Don't get me wrong! I also would like to have a flower garden.

Ideally, I don't like a lot of plants. Like, just enough for me to watch all of them and all that. Probably one box above would be for flowers and the other two for vegetables.


Not so high though. I think I just want it to be high enough for air to circulate very well. This exact picture is actually quite ideal. Although I don't like the stairs to be like that. Looks fragile to me. Nah the set up is probably too formal. LOL.

I probably wouldn't want a fireplace though. Probably a piano in replacement to that would be great. Also, let me just say that I like the idea that one floor is not directly on top of the other. Something like a mezzanine would be good. 


MUST! Like, really a must! 


Must! TOO.

I think the second one is better. Although I wouldn't say wood instead of stone is better though. I guess. 

So that's basically it. My dream house so far. Like, I know it wouldn't look good combining the pictures above all together and I wouldn't want my house to look as such too. Just an idea or overview of everything. LOL. 

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