Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Pigeon Baby Powder. A Review.

This product is kind of a product that I've tried and tested for like 8 years now. And I like it. My mom actually told me that she was surprised to see it in a department store here in the Philippines because as far as we're concern, we have to actually buy us enough supply for the whole year from Japan. i heard that it's quite expensive here though. I mean, relatively more expensive than its price in Japan. Oh well. Shipping fee sucks.

And this is a baby powder, I'm pretty sure it's mild enough for anybody to use. Or whatever.

The compact is just plain white. Nothing fancy or whatever. But nice.

It comes with an almost useless sponge. It's not even a sponge. It's kind of weird. Okay that was harsh. Useless is actually not the term. It's just that it gets dirty. I mean, just like how white dress gets dirty easier than colored ones.

And it's just a translucent powder. You know. Normal baby powder but I have this feeling that this is milder because it doesn't smell like anything. Which is nice. So yeah. Definitely try this one out. NO REGRETS.

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