Monday, 5 November 2012

InstaPix 1.

Today, just because I like the thought of it, Imma do it. Like, ain't it nice? LOL. Basically, I'm gonna take pictures directly from my phone, Instagram it, then post it here. The good thing about Instagram is they actually automatically save a picture that you applied filter to back to your picture file again. And this time edited already. Good thinking.

This particular picture is already pretty as it is but with some random filter, VOILA.

Hashi is just love! I mean, how can you even resist that charming cute face of hers? I don't even know.

Sisters at Star City. What the eff with our faces though? LOL.

My sister's cake! I actually don't know why but my mom really fancies this particular flavor. Whether it is the only available flavor or not that time, I don't know.

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