Sunday, 11 November 2012


And most of the time, we kind of feel hurt about it. I have talked so much about this kind of stuff, I know. But if you would stick to me all through out this, I would be very thankful. It would be very beneficial for me to actually share everything. Well not really share. And not actually everything. It's just that..Oh wells.

Well let's just think about this blog as my PENSIEVE okay? Pensieve is actually a certain something in Harry Potter that you use to put your thoughts, and everything you have to into and yeah it just make things easier. You'll have a clearer mind, lighter, and probably better thinking because of the Pensieve that can help you unload all the stuff that you think are too much to handle. Just like what Dumbledore did. And Snape too.

So moving on...

Don't you just really really hate it when people don't stay the way you want them to become in your life? Not even their attitude. Like, your relationship with them. It's kind of frustrating to actually have someone in your life who you used to be friends with but for some reason/s, not anymore. Or even someone who you are always with and stuff but for some reason, you can't consider your friends? Maybe your colleagues? Acquaintances?  

And they're not really your enemies because there's nothing that happened that will make them qualify on your list of enemies. Like, get it?

You just feel like nothing happened. That you're back to being strangers. But with some memories. Kind of weird. We used to be reminded not to talk to strangers as a child.


I just find it really really odd how people can just ignore you after all the moments and memories you've shared together. Especially when it's like a big deal for you and it's just nothing to them. It's kind of unfair but somehow amazing how people's mind run. It really proves that we all kind of think differently. Like, even though there are sometimes when we just connect and have that "OMG we think the same moment", it's just that there will always be that moment when we will think differently and all that.

Moving on to the main person I want to talk about though, I'm actually pretty confident that we are close. We are friends. OR WERE. Maybe not TO DIE FOR close but we are pretty close. We used to talk about anything and everything under the sun every night and be awkward together. And we were happy. I guess.

I'm not even talking about romance here. Like, just friends. Oh well. That's another story but whatever. I just want to focus on how everything sort of went to nothing. FOR WHATEVER REASON. I don't like it a whole lot.

I would really appreciate it if that person would explain why and all that stuff. If there would be closure, then I wouldn't mind anymore. I know I kind of promised not to mind it anymore but you know, I just can't. I kind of failed I admit. But it's just that, for me, the friendship or whatever we had is just too precious to let go that easily. So it's kind of hard, really. It's gonna be easier I believe. But not right away. No. Please.

DRAMA! Ano ba teh? Hahaha

I don't know if I'm one of the few or one of the many who kind of feel this way right now but either way, I'm not alone. And just by thinking like that, I know this, will sooner or later be just a part of the past that we all have to let go and forget. Like, we don't have to think about this as a burden. Maybe it is to us right now. But in the future, we could just laugh about it and try to remember what happened.

The good thing about the future is even though how much you try to plan it, once in a while there could be surprises. And that's what makes it beautiful.

Who knows? That person and I might be united. We could just talk about anything again and be awkward together. Be friends or whatever. Much like the Pensieve, I can always recall what happened and be enlightened. When needed.

But for now, I just want to let go of everything. Yeah. That's what I want. :)

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