Monday, 12 November 2012

Hanayo! :) Food Trip. Again.

So after a long day at the hospital, I decided to invite my cousin and eat. I was actually from night duty that time and then I had to attend a seminar so I barely slept.

But anyways.

The eye bags don't lie. LOL. As you may already or not know, I really really fancy Korean food so yeah.

Here's what my cousin got. From my point of view, it's a little bit dry but other than that, pretty normal. Bulgogi wise, I think they serve it better in Santorini. :)

BIBIMBAP! I actually can't tell which Bibimbap is better but yeah, I like Bibimbap in general so whatever.

So the thing about their Bibimbap is that they actually serve the paste separately. Much like the one in SM North. In Santorini, it's actually already with the veggies and stuff. So yeah. And they also have quite a lot of beef in this one. Kind of.

My favorite! Like, I really really like. TUNA ROLL! :)) I know I blogged about their Beef Roll before that I didn't enjoy but this one is just a winner.

And we get three servings of this. :) This is not the unlimited kind of thing though. Or at least I think. Oh wells. Kudos to my cousin for starting to like KIMCHI.

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