Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sixteen and Pregnant.

I actually thought of making "INTERNSHIP REPORT" a title and actually thought of making it a segment but since I wouldn't be an intern the rest of my life, aye? So yeah. I would just blog about it when I feel like I can't even already.
These are just some stuff that I couldn't get over with without actually telling.

It all started when we went to the Emergency Room to do our thing there. And by "we" I mean, a co-intern and I. We looked for a patient inside the OB-GYN section but the doctors were busy talking so naturally, we waited.

There are actually three patients inside that section of the Emergency Room and what caught our attention was that there was a man blocking the way and stuff and he was talking to two out of the three doctors present there and so yeah. Basically, they were talking about how the unborn child of one of the three patients wouldn't be able to survive and that they should find a hospital who have an incubator for his child to survive.

So anyway the doctor assigned to check for the child's heart beat then said that she (the mom) should have known because she is just 16 and kind of confirmed/asked to the patient that she already knew the risks and stuff of what's gonna happen because of her being pregnant at a very young age. And for some unknown reason, THE GIRL NODDED.  WTF? Seriously, girl? By the way, that same doctor said that the teenage girl would give birth anytime very soon and that there's no much time left for him to find a hospital with an incubator. Or else!

Seriously, doc? WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? Magically produce an incubator right at your front or what?

And then the guy asked one of the doctors of the possible risks that could happen if they wouldn't be able to find an incubator and then the doctor answered DEATH OF THE CHILD. As if it was nothing. And that's not even my main concern.

My main concern is how the doctor assumed that the 16 year old knew. Seriously?  She's pregnant at a very young age and ended up in the Emergency Room because she doesn't have an idea, does she?

And then when we were about to go, the last doctor actually comforted the man by saying that he shouldn't cry YET and that they should have visited a doctor whilst the teenage girl is still okay and not when it's too late and all that stuff.

And then when we were already able to talk to the doctor, our patient was actually not in the Emergency Room anymore and so we left. The thing is the doctor who said that the child will die was actually kind of nice to us. Mmm...

So then when we were on the hallway, I said that the I find the doctors harsh and my co-intern agreed and she concluded that she's almost very sure that they're not from UST. But of course. Hopefully.

I mean, being in the profession that they are, they should be able to make someone feel better and not actually make things worse like they just did. It is indeed true though that there's only a little chance of survival when the lungs aren't mature enough but come on. Since you can't actually provide them with the incubator that they need, at least provide them with the moral support they need. Like, tell them to contact nearby hospitals or at least help them with that. And the thing is there were two more patients ready to give birth who were hearing about this child who is unlikely to live and stuff.

If they were on a private hospital and where people actually PAY for their "service", I don't think they would be able to act like the way they acted awhile ago. Certainly not. Talk about discrimination.

I actually had a similar experience in my first hospital rotation. The doctor kind of said that the patient would die and all that and after a short while, they were already filing an incident report and all that. NEAT.

It's kind of sad that the teenage girl and the guy wouldn't probably have the guts to complain because they don't have an idea and they would probably be too scared to go up against doctors. In my opinion.

To sum it all up,

I generally didn't like the way they sounded to the guy. Like, it's like giving an end to everything they hoped for. Although I am not exactly in favor of them because they obviously did the wrong thing there. SIXTEEN? Serious? It's like the borderline for me. But borderline for me isn't exactly acceptable. Whatever.

I don't know what happened to them but I hope the three of them are alright now.

So yeah. That's all I have to say.

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