Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Nailed It. Change of Plans.

I just though that my nails yesterday were kind of off. I mean, I don't know kind of off but nevertheless off. It's probably not appropriate for some reason. It was kind of okay when I put it on the first time though. Mmmm...

I actually used this purple color yesterday and though that I would just go for the PLUM-FALL-LOOK. Whatever that is. LOL. And since I'm fund of messing things up, I decided to top it with this glitter strips thingy which I realized not the best idea. Should have put the traditional glitter thingy.

Actually, this alone I think is not bad. But whatever. I usually really have the most ridiculous idea sometimes. The nail polish actually is not really that opaque when applied so yeah I think I did 2-4 coats to achieve this color.

The thing about this glitter strips is that they can get a little bit messy sometimes. Because it doesn't really apply all the same. Unlike with the usually glitter stuff, you can't really tell. And the orientation of the strips per se is kind of off sometimes. But oh well.

Still messy though. Haha my bad.

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