Thursday, 25 October 2012

Hello Kitty.

I don't know if you saw my Bellatrix Lestrange look for Halloween but if you haven't already, you can click the pink kind of thingy that says BELLATRIX LESTRANGE. Duh? Haha

And now I was a little bit inspired to create yet another look. And contrary to the popular belief, I did not go for the dark thingy again. I mean, Halloween shouldn't just be about dark stuff. It's always nice to balance things, aye?

So I decided to do kind of a girly look this time. Nothing really professional. JUST FOR FUN! LIKE ALWAYS. LOL.

I actually enjoyed going to Sanrio Puroland way back time and yeah. Watched parades, and stuff. Been there probably three or four times and yeah, I would love to go back and dress up a little bit. I'm almost sure I wore ridiculous clothes when we went there because back then, I just wear whatever my mom would prepare and all that. So yeah. Would probably revisit soon! :)

If you haven't noticed already, I actually don't have that red ribbon that Hello Kitty Sports. And for that, sorry. LOL. It\s just a complete contrary on what I did with my Bellatrix Lestrange look. I mean, with all the preparations and stuff.

iPhone pictures!

One thing you have to know about me is that I don't really know how to even out my eyeliner so I really refuse to do it MOST of the time. Like, it troubles me to make it presentable and all that so yeah. And why wouldn't I make things difficult for myself? I just explained that to defend myself. But thanks if you understand. LOL.

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