Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Body Shop's Shower Cream.

I actually got this from a friend. It comes with a box like this and it contains a luffa and a sample size shower cream.

Might just use this luffa for my face once in a while since I already have one in the shower. I mean, it's not good to exfoliate face everyday right? 

I've actually tried it just now and as far as I can tell, it's actually good. I've used it awhile ago to wash my left hand just to compare and there's really like a significant difference when compared to my right hand. Like, softer. LEGIT. And then when I used it as my body wash, it really is very moisturizing I can tell. The thing about it though, even if it's soap-free, it smells like soap. K. And just because I've used bar soap half my life, I think I already consumed 1/4 of this things just because it doesn't lather as much as I am used to. But I like it. Might use what's left for washing my hands to give it some love. 

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