Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sagamiono. A Look Back.

The way we go to certain places is by TRAIN. I mean, it can' t get more practical than that. You can't go wrong with that. 

In this picture, we are heading to Sagamiono and get dad pick up us there after his work and stuff. So yeah. We live in a semi-rural place and a bus away would lead us to a train station and that line literally have everything after everything after everything. So as much as I wanted to live in a more urbanized place, NO REGRETS.

Sagamiono is not actually my favorite station among the lot. EBINA would probably top my list. Followed by Machida, then Sagaiono. Then Odakyu Sagamihara. Sobudai mae is where we're closest so I have to thank it. But not my favorite. Not at all. Sometimes when I want to go to wherever I want to, I would actually go with my bike up to Odakyu Sagamihara and actually park my bike there and ride a train. Just saying.

Thinking about it, I actually have less than a year left here in the Philippines and I'll be back to Japan. Yay! Countdown! LOL. But as I've talked about such stuff with my cousin over dinner, she said that she would be missing me because we wouldn't be able to hang out until I come back here again. SAD STORY.

Anyways just me posing. My mom would actually take a picture of me anywhere there's a Sakura so yeah. LOL.

LOL at my sisters' faces. Hahahaha.


I'm always so happy when I see this picture because for some reason, I think my youngest sister kind of over-reacted. And no, I didn't intend to strangle or choke her or kill her or anything like that. LOL. Good vibes!

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