Monday, 15 October 2012

Top 5 Tattoos I Might Get.

Might. I mean, I;m pretty decided to get inked but I'm not really gonna copy anyone's tattoo. And I'm not gonna have 5 for whoever's sake. Just 1. A memorable one. I hope. Or actually, two. These tattoos are kind of my inspiration and stuff. I actually have a longer list but to actually narrow things down can sometimes be an awesome thing. Don't you think? Why do I want to get a tattoo, you ask? Well...I don't know for sure but I really like the idea of having something permanent. If that actually makes sense.

Let's get started. Actually, I don't like to rank them so I'm just gonna show you five photos.

I'm not actually a fan of tattoos. Like, TATTOOS. I like simple designs though. I mean, with tattoos, I guess less is more. I mean with just one, you were probably able to thoroughly think about it before getting it done and stuff. Unlike with getting three or more, you probably just want to have more. I don't know. Not satisfied with the first one or whatever like that. Or you probably just have too many stories to tell. That's fine.

The thing about with words is that one mistake and you're pretty much done. But I like this one. And that's true! Destroy it!

This is just LOVE. I would probably get this when I'm all confused and all that but whatever. Probably.

Anything with the word love is always welcome.

Rose! Lately, I've been very obsessed with flowers and this one is kind of edgy so I like it. I like how the stem still have its thorns and all that thing.

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