Wednesday, 17 October 2012

たんぽぽ. Dandelions.

I don't know if people are already annoyed of me talking about Japan so often these days but anyhow. I'm gonna really talk about it a lot so beware! LOL. I'm gonna be talking about the Philippines once I'm already in Japan so fair enough. LOL.

So back to the topic, March-May is usually our Japan trip and by like, May, Dandelions everywhere!

I like them.

But for some reason, when they're too many, I don't think that they're as precious as it supposed to be. Like, when I find one, that's like OMG precious. But when there's like 20 of them or more, I don't think so. Unless of course it's your first time seeing them or probably when you're just too obsessed. Both acceptable. LOL.

Going back, the playground near us is pretty much covered with grass and there would be a certain time when the field is covered with fluffy looking balls and stuff so what I do is actually pick one and blow it. And I don't care about the rest of them.

I don't actually know If it's a legit way of wishing and stuff but maybe it's formulated for us to actually say our wish and to be reminded that we should not be afraid or something. I don't even know. I'm totally making things up right now. LOL.

Anyways, have a good life. I'm gonna sleep now.

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