Thursday, 6 September 2012

Be Strong.

I just want to say that we should be wiser when it comes to things. I know that there are quite a lot of things that we don't have a control over but yeah we should try. And I'm not actually referring to scientific stuff like our heartbeat, breathing, blinking, and stuff. Nothing like that. You know! Some emotional stuff. It's just that, life is too good and short to waste on stuff that does not do anything for us at all.

Let's say, CIGARETTES.

I have nothing against people who smoke or anything but I'm just saying. Well, not only that it is not doing anything for you but it actually harms you and stuff. Not only you! It harms the person next to you. I know you don't care whether or not strangers would be sick and stuff from it but yeah. Not only that you're generally unhealthy, you're also generally selfish. HOW SAD. And with cigarette smoking, if it's kind of gone, people actually become kind of emotional and all that. Of course I know that it's our body's response and stuff but whatever.


I'm not saying that we shouldn't be thankful to those people. I mean, they did something to us. Even though it is so little. It's just that we shouldn't let them control us and take over everything. People who do us nothing and we still we let them control over our emotions and feelings is yet another story. That's worst. Okay never mind.


When we like someone, we get inspired and all that. Which is good! Inspiration is good. It makes us look forward to tomorrow and stuff. It makes us love life and live it. Because like what I've said, we get inspired. Inspired to do things and all that. But that's just about it. It's kind of stupid to do stuff that is completely out of the picture. I heard some stories like that before of course. Like, someone ended their lives because someone didn't like them and stuff. Oh wells.


It's kind of tricky when you're in a relationship. Because most probably, you have to work on it for it to work. But there will come a time when you'll realize that it's only YOU who is working on it and that your partner doesn't care anymore or whatever. So in that case, you have to decide. It's either you tell that someone or you suffer.

This whole thing might be kind of blurry but this is how I really see this. Kind of blurry. LOL. But seriously! If someone actually doesn't do us any good, then what's up? Why are we hanging on? Maybe that's just the way we see things. We like to wait and give and give and give and give some more. Even though we don't get something in return. Even though it means that we have to suffer. We don't mind. But the thing is that this whole situation is eating us. SLOWLY BUT SURELY. Oh well.

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