Thursday, 6 September 2012

Mocha's Puppies.

As you may or may not know or remember, Mocha is actually my first dog's mum. It's the fourth time she got pregnant and actually, her last pregnancy didn't turn out well so I'm really proud that she made it this time.

The last time she got pregnant, the puppies died because they're larger than her capacity. And so yeah, she underwent a C-section that time. One of the puppies died inside her and the other one died less than a day after being born. But now, since my mom was kind of worried that the same thing might happen again, we observed her and set a limit that if she still weren't able to conceive, then we will take her to the vet and yeah. I actually don't know why but mum actually didn't take her to vet although she was the one who set the condition. LOL. But luckily, 9 hours after, she made it!

Mocha is actually quite old to give birth already. Okay, maybe not old. But something close. If I can remember it very well, she's already with us since my high school years. Maybe 7-8 years. So yeah.

This is her puppies bump you guys. Mocha actually haven't had more than three puppies at once so we're kind of expecting 2-3 because that's just her.

Back to the beginning of the story! My mum actually woke us up yesterday morning (090412) because she thought that Mocha would give birth anytime soon. Mika (sister) and I then watched Mocha and nothing happened. I went to the uni and  even after I came home, nothing happened. And then the next morning, mum told me that Mocha already gave birth and that she woke up at 3 in the morning because she actually thought she was hearing little rats but when she looked at Mocha's birth tub, she found that Mocha's with her puppies already. She was relied because the puppies are very much alive and that she doesn't have to pay the vet for another C-section or whatever procedure they'll be doing for Mocha to speed up the process or whatnot.

Here's the picture of the birth tub. :)

And for some reason, they really look like rats or something. They are both female so I guess that's a nice thing. We can choose. Mum actually told us that we'll keep the female. Since they're both female, we can just choose who we like more. The one who we wouldn't choose would actually go to my uncle so not too bad. At least I know that my uncle would take care of the puppy. Oh well.

Mocha actually looks so tired up to now. Like, it seems like she consumed all her energy and that there's nothing much left so mum actually injects vitamins via oral route so yeah. I hope that she'll get better soon. I mean, the original state.

You know what? I think I like the lighter puppy better. I don't know why though. Like, for some reason I think that that's the better puppy. Actually, I have another story. When mum told me that Mocha already gave birth, she told me to check who is what. Like, who's male or female. And I initially thought that there's one male and one female. I don't know why though. So I told my mum that the darker goes to us. Then when I came home from the uni, mum said that I may be mistaken but she's not sure herself. So I checked again. So yeah I saw that they were both females so yeah. Whatever.


Will update who's going with us or whatever. :)

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