Thursday, 9 August 2012

Two Faced Reality.

This is for reals y'all. I hate it when people are so narrow minded that they don't even make sense to me. People who don't listen very much. People who give judgment right away without even thinking. I mean, why though? Ugh.

I know this should not some rant post but yeah. Whatever.

Let's just talk about CELEBRITIES for a while. Yeah they're public figures and that we know all the news about them but we don't know what the other side of their stories are. Like, if they're indeed undergoing such or if they're just hiding stuff or anything like that. So without a solid proof, we don't have the right to judge.

Browsing my Tumblr, I saw someone from Liverpool commented on Fernando Torres' oh-so-controversial transfer. Well, Daniel Agger. And as much as I like and love Liverpool, it seems like it's still not reasonable for anyone to blame him or say anything bad against him just because he left the club. For some of you who aren't football fans, Torres was from Liverpool but now he's playing for Chelsea. Agger said that it is unacceptable and stuff like that to move to another English club because it is not proper and disrespectful to do so. Well, in my opinion, it might be quite unacceptable. But it always happens in that business. It does. And Fernando Torres isn't English so maybe he's not as a big deal to him. Anyways. So yeah, going back to my point, no one but Torres would know the whole story. But by acknowledging that there is another side of his story, human beings in general should be able to understand. I know football is like a lifestyle but EVEN THOUGH it is, it doesn't mean we're less capable of understanding things.

Okay moving on...

My sisters told me about their schoolmate (Mika's batch mate) who is rumored to have had an abortion (TWICE). They said that's why that rumored girl transferred school. That girl was introduced to me last year I guess and we've met like 4 times at most. Of course there's no way I would know her whole story and all that but I told my sisters that they shouldn't believe such news because when they actually believe it and tell it to other people, they will be big contributors on how that girl's life would change. I told them that sensitive news like that shouldn't be believed right away and that they should be intelligent in gauging things. And not just believing crazy stuff.

May it be from the television or real life, we should use our heads to formulate better thinking for understanding things. We shouldn't be deceived by "some facts" because there are "some more facts" out there that we don't know. Just like Charles Darwin. He wasn't able to prove the Theory of Evolution because of a missing link. He have everything he needs except for one. And because of that one, that Theory of Evolution will  just be a theory. Get what I mean? A snippet like that would mean the world to someone and that small something shouldn't be disregarded.

So yeah. The next time you would judge someone from something you are not very knowledgeable of, THINK! Think before you speak. Weight everything with fair judgement. Be intelligent. Happy Thursday!

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