Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Be my OOTD please.

You might be wondering why I'm uploading it here and not on my "fashion" blog. Oh wells. This is rather too personal. But anyways. LOLs. It's been raining a lot here in the Philippines. Even though I haven't seen much people here wearing coat, I don't care. LOL. And it's not exactly very coat~y. I mean, it looks like some sort of a dress with that black lace below. And it's tailored very nicely. I would probably like a black colored one though. I'm not sure if I would want a white lace below or maybe something like baby pink or something. The buttons though, I think white is good.

It's just nice.

And as for my shoes, I thinks a wedge will be nice. Actually, HEELS. But then again I don't like wearing heels as much as I want to wear wedges. I don't know. I'm just more comfortable wearing wedges. Maybe because of the support it gives and all that. But definitely not flats on this one.

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