Sunday, 5 August 2012

Will-o'-the-Wisp. Movie Time.

Since Histopathology section is such a nice post that it doesn't have Sunday duties, FREEDOM!

Awhile ago, I watched Brave with my sisters. First of all, we went to Hypermart to buy stuff such as stuff. LOLs. Mom bought us stuff to eat inside the movie house since we aren't fans of POPCORNS. Then we were dropped off right in front of the mall and we were told that we'll be picked up on the same site. And then we went to the food court and then we went to the cinema!

Oh and for some reason,

Haters gonna hate. Just kidding! Moving on... I think the film is nice and can really teach us all lessons. I recommend it!

Just a little teaser for you though. Merida is a daughter of a king of some sort called Fergus and a queen named Elinor. The movie started with Merida's birthday and in that scene, she was presented with a bow. Then they did some shooting and all that. And then her arrow was directed to the forest instead of something I can't remember and then she found a wisp. And then it multiplied and when she tried to follow THE WISPS, they led her back to her home. Or is that even what happened? I think so.

And then when she grew up, her mother told her that there would be a competition of clans and the winner of that, would have to marry her as a part of a tradition. During the introduction, someone said that the first four clans to join will be able to compete and she CHOSE ARCHERY to be the basis or something like that and then since there were three clans, she represented herself to be the FOURTH and that she wanted to win for her FREEDOM. SHE WON. But of course that can't be the case. I won't be telling what happened after that. You have to find out yourself.

Can I just share a little story? I feel so courteous when asking for your permission for me to share my something something. LOL. Of course I can! My blog! Remember? LOL. So yeah, I really want a younger brother. Like, super! Then of course! As you all know, I have two younger sisters. But this thing on our left is just a proof that I really am right that having younger brothers is HAHAHA but I love my sisters of course. But you know! I'm just saying. These THREE kids are the cutest thing ever.  Like, for reals. I love how they kind of tried to help their sister in getting out of the chamber and all that. I love how they sort of played the good part (mostly) and not being evil to their sister. CUTENESS OVERLOAD! For some reason, I  can only remember that they were called collectively as "BOYS". Was their names mentioned? Let me know.

Can I just say that I love how much lessons can an individual learn from this is just so awesome. Actually, we were supposed to watch THE HEALING but it's R18. There's an option available that is R13 but there are deleted scenes. Which doesn't make much sense to me. Oh well. And for some reason, that with the deleted scenes is pricier than that with the original film. What up?

As a conclusion, I want to share my favourite quote from the film.
"Destiny is not our own. But I know better." - Princess Merida

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