Thursday, 9 August 2012

What really happened.

No Internet since TUESDAY. For reals. And because of that, CAN'T DO THESIS, CAN'T DO ANYTHING. Tuesday classes were suspended due to continuous heavy rains and flooding and stuff so I didn't have to go to the university and stuff, fine. The thing is I didn't even attend my Wednesday duty and it's because of the heavy rain and the flood. Oh well. But thank goodness it's a lot better now. But I have to make up for that one. Ugh. So this is how it looks like.

Like, serious goodness. I of course took a shot from the side to display my mom's mini garden. Anyways. I feel so bad for some people who actually have to cross and put themselves in and stuff. Actually, most people who have to cross this street of ours are people who have to get something from the nearby market. I can't blame them of course. But I'm just saying that they should have bought stuff earlier than too late.

So I kind of watched what's happening for a while, and this happened. FOR REALS.

I didn't see it with some peeps on though so I don't know. I hate it when kids swim like that. Like, are they freaking kidding me? I feel bad for them, seriously. 

And look how it gotten to our freaking gate. Normally, it wouldn't. Like, first time ever. And I wouldn't exactly absent myself for one day to make up three days for it. 


Poor Shiki is not happy. Oh speaking of Shiki babes. I want you to meet her sister ANDREA.

She's so sweet! Oh and speaking of Andrea, we went to my uncle's house to have our phones charged and all that. And that where she is so we saw her. :D Take care everyone! 

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