Friday, 8 June 2012

Mac and Chiz!

So, like, out of the blue, mom just told me and my cousin that we will be doing a MAC and CHEESE. And I looked at my cousin and I'm pretty sure she looked at me too. Like, instant connection. And I was like, okay. We were supposed to eat it while watching their favourite prime time show.

These ingredients, done. So, at the end of the day, we kind of ended adding up another sachet of that Cheese Magic. And just because we actually don't know much of what we were doing, we kind of failed. LOL. But anyhow, still good. Still edible.

Probably because of the pasta though. Like, it's sort of a salad pasta and not really some sort of MACARONI in MAC. LOL. But yeah, So the plan was to boil the pasta and to pour the cheese at the end. But I kind of suggested that we should heat the cheese to "activate" it. LOL that's really how I said it. "TO ACTIVATE" is the word of the day. So yeah, I wonder where that suggestion went. Like, it makes sense. Don't they heat MAC AND CHEESE in an oven or something? Mmmmm. So yeah.

So after boiling the pasta, time to add cheese! We kind of had a hard time mixing stuff and adding salt to taste and all that. The thing is it doesn't taste the same. Or maybe we were just expecting another taste to come. The thing with my mom is she is easily conceived my advertisements. LIKE SERIOUSLY. If it she saw it in a commercial, she'll buy it. CONFIRMED. LOL. But at the end of the day, we managed to mix and find a taste that's right for a mac and cheese. HOORAY!

Final look of it! Also topped it with sliced-sliced cheese. LOL so redundant, right?

I kind of had 4 servings of this small bowl all in all. I would recommend you use real macaroni pasta for better taste adherence though (perhaps). Enjoy and good luck!

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