Thursday, 7 June 2012

Euro 2012.

Actually, not much of a brainer to me. I'll support SPAIN! I actually supported España way back the end of WORLD CUP 2010. The reason being that I just supported them at the end, is because I actually wanted to support Japan, South Korea, and Argentina. But things happen! And happened! LOL. But in the finals, I believed in them and supported them and have been supporting their members in La Liga and all other leagues and cups that there is (majority). So yeah.

Recently, on Twitter, a friend of mine asked what team will we be supporting. She actually mentioned Spain and I confirmed. LOL. I said that TUMBLR pictures of the Spain National Team landing on Poland, is it? Yup! :)

I'm actually so excited for Spain to be together again and work as a team again and not battle against each other. You know what I'm saying? I heard though that there are quite a lot of injured players in. But for some reason, I'm not bothered by it. I just trust them, sort of. Injuries happen all the time and I'm sure they kind of trained a lot considering such situation. So, no worries.

With Iniesta being there, it would probably be like DÉJÀ VU. Hopefully!

Germany. Germany. Germany. Well, GERMANY. If there's a team I'm afraid of and that will probably be a rival to Spain, might be Germany. You know, don't mess with the Germans. Hahaha

So yeah, I actually might not be able to watch all the games and stuff because of internship but I really hope the best for Spain! :)

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