Thursday, 7 June 2012

iPhone front camera. Meh.

iPhone's front camera is really very novice. Not even for a "just" decent camera. The resolution is really crappy and it's over pixelated. It's relative though. Like, you have to have a generous lighting for it to work fine. It's really very annoying. The back camera is "just" okay. Not that good either.

I'll show some pictures below to testify with my rant. I took these on like, night time with my room lights open. See the sanding sort of effect it gives? Not sexy.

Here's another one.

They're actually taken about probably just an hour interval or less.

So, maybe you're saying that I should have been more aware that it's night time and all that stuff, right?

Here now are photos I took during day time! Not as bad compared to the pictures I took during the night time. But yeah, it's not the point!

And this one:

So yeah. The reason why I'm still using it though is because I have to deal with it. I may hate stuff and all that but that doesn't mean I can do something for it to change. Like all else, we should just learn how to deal with stuff. It'll make living easier. But seriously APPLE, people really use the front camera so do something about it please. I'd be really happy if you can step up your game. 5 megapixel front camera please! :D


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