Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Primer for UST Freshmen.

Warning!! LENGTHY.
Now, since you're already in UST, we're already kind of affiliated and I'm feeling generous to share some TIPS and TRICKS to y'all fellow Thomasians. You don't want to learn it the hard way so here we go.

1. There are 4 main streets around UST. Lacson, Dapitan, P.Nuval, and España. Now, there are 6 gates around UST and no one's gonna bite you if you're gonna enter wherever you want. Stop blocking people's way. Enter the world of imagination. Or I'll push you out of my way. Seriously.

2. Always bring your registration form. Believe me! You don't want to be an alien or simply unidentified inside the campus. And nope! Your dope ID doesn't come out until about July-August. Sorry. So better get some plastic envelope to secure it. Oh! One thing. Always have it ready when entering the campus and your building. It'll save YOUR time and MY time. :)

3. Know your building. Know your room. Admit it! You don't know where to go. And it's okay. There are plenty of security guards all over UST and you can ask them whenever you're lost or whatever.

4. If you managed to go inside your building, the next thing to do is to avoid the hallway. Do not display yourself out there. Unless you're cute of course. I mean, you'll understand what I'm saying when you're already a batch higher. It's nice to see new faces, yes. But the hallway isn't some park or whatnot. MOVE! People don't have the same schedule as yours. With that being said, your break time isn't the same as ours so please move out of the way because some people might be running late.

5. Know where the REAL church is. The Main Building isn't a church. Do all of us a favor and please tell ALL your friends that. Thank you.

6. There are a lot of places to eat inside the campus. Some buildings' have their own cafeteria. There's CARP (car parking) for fast food stalls and all that. There are tons of other stalls underground the CARP in UST. You'll never get hungry! But of course you have to understand that we are more than just enough to be accommodated at once most of the time, you have to wait. But you'll get used to it.

7. The Thomasian Welcome walk will be sometime in July. But of course we all know that it's gonna be rainy that time. So your fate still depends on the weather. Better start wishing for a nice weather. You don't want to be welcomed (Welcome Walk) after being welcomed (examinations/quizzes) first.

8. A mass for all the freshmen will follow the walk and it'll be followed by a concert at night. Fun times! Don't be so greedy that it's your night and us higher batch can't come. Remember that we paid for that on our miscellaneous fees as well.

9. On your first day of P.E. class, expect that you're gonna practice all the cheers of UST. It's gonna be fun, don't miss it. Go USTe! Go USTe! Go USTe! Go 4x.

10. UST IDs can be swiped either ways. Just do it!

11. You should at least be updated on what's happening on UAAP.

12. If you're from a different high school, most likely, this year's gonna be your first Paskuhan. Pretty please! If you're gonna invite friends from different schools, do not litter! I have a right to tell you this because I pay miscellaneous fees! Get it? It's so annoying that people from different schools have the guts to leave their rubbish anywhere they want when they don't actually have a contribution to the said event. Annoying!

13. Final grades/judgment can actually be viewed online. Release of grades can will be announced sort of a week before the actual date of its release. My USTe portal's server will be very very very busy so you better be patient. Also, you can always print-screen after viewing your grades so that when you log-out, other students can have their turns. Give and take!

14. Don't be so surprised if there'll be one or two or three of your classmates who'll be transferring school. It happens. Let go!

15. Enjoy your FIRST year as a college student. There's no turning back. :)

There might be things that I haven't mentioned here. Some things that are probably better if you discover yourself. Or maybe they're just so irrelevant that I actually forgot to include them. So...what can I say? Welcome to UST! And have fun!

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