Friday, 25 May 2012

Practice practicality.

Japanese are just so inventive, imaginative, and awesome creatures.  Ehem. Seriously though. I'm not saying this because I'm Japanese.

Having a touch screen gadget is so NASTY! PHONE is a good example. Human being naturally produce oil and stuff and have you noticed that when you pick up a call and talk for a little while and when you end it your phone is super YUCKY? Exactly. I wish touch screen gadgets can clean their selves and all that. It should have something like a screen wiper. But until then...

Thanks to this! Like this is my second piece and it's just so handy. Like, tissue papers/handkerchiefs/cotton can also do the job but having it like a cellphone strap is like stepping up the game, don't you think?

Even though it's not super stylish as I want it to be, who cares? I prefer the not so stylish look of it than a super stylish yet YUCKY phone. The cloth thingy will be YUCKY when used often so make sure to wash it. It's not gonna be so hard washing a little piece of cloth like that.

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