Tuesday, 29 May 2012

CD Diorshow Iconic Mascara. Review.

Diorshow Iconic Mascara

ITEM # 1107051 SIZE 0.33 oz
COLOR Noir - rich black

So, Even though it doesn't look impressive on picture, it's actually quite nice! I mean, it sort of have this 3D kind of illusion. Or is that 2D? It's somehow shimmery and somehow glittery I guess?

But other than the fancy packaging, no thanks. Like, it doesn't actually do much difference on my lashes. 


It takes a lot of coats to actually achieve a very decent coverage. I mean, probably because of my lashes too. But...just saying. And it's not actually very easy to apply in a sense that it kind of feels a little dry. Just a little though. And the brush is kind of huge so it's really hard to reach short lashes. Not to be racist but most Asians have shorter lashes and kind of smaller eyes so I guess it's really not gonna be the best product to use. But for the others, I guess there wouldn't be much difficulty in using it. What I like about it though is that the product doesn't clump so yeah...

Sorry for that little friend in the middle. But I swear there's more somewhere. LOL. I forgot to actually do my lower lashes but I bet there's not much of a difference would I apply some coats. 

So there you have it! :)

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