Thursday, 31 May 2012

A little bit of update.

This is actually the second clinical post that I'm in this first internship. Actually, there's like 2 internships and we change hospitals around October. So, my first post went kind of well but I'm just so happy that my second post isn't as busy. I do simple stuff (which I like). Although, my first clinical post was also simple, it's just that the specimen don't stop coming. Unlike now, it's like *take your time* post. Although I'm generally rushing things as well. I mean, I don't want to queue stuff and do them all in one. It's not gonna work that way. At least for me. 

So yeah, not much picture because interns are kind of not allowed to have like gadgets and stuff. Actually, I only have this one. Poor me. 

Working in a laboratory is fun though. Like, it's something I imagine doing in the future. :)


  1. If you were allowed to bring cameras and stuff, I bet we would have seen tons of interesting photos. I could imagine working in labs, it seems fun.

    1. I should sneak some more photos for you soon! :)


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