Friday, 1 June 2012

Madagascar White Chocolate. Review.

Just a little background about me, I'm not really a fan of WHITE CHOCOLATES. I always feel like, they taste kind of greasy and fatty and buttery and all that. People are different, some people like it, and I have nothing against that.

This particular brand though, is awesome. You can really taste the chocolate and not just some sweet something something. Or maybe because I just haven't had something like this good of a white chocolate before. Well, that's a possibility. Well, I still don't like white chocolates in general. But I really really like this one.

I'm actually wondering why there's 21 pieces in it. It's just so unusual. I even looked through Morinaga's website to kind of trace whether the number 21 is significant but no luck. Mmmm....anyone?

This is what each pocket looks like. Nothing too fancy.

And the inside kind of have some cookies? I don't know. Like, something like that.  It's not very prominent though. Just a nice balance :)

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  1. Those little spots aren't cookies, they are pieces of vanilla bean.


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