Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Nestle KitKat Bites. Review.

I think I was a little bit disappointed in this particular ice cream. I really like KitKat wafers though. I also like KitKat Bites. But for some unknown reason, this ice cream is not as awesome as I thought it would be. Well, sometimes, wonderful things put together just doesn't work. Say, facial features. Everything should be in harmony. AND NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER.

One thing I don't like in an ice cream is if it is toooo sweet. Luckily, this ice cream renders a very reasonable amount of sweetness and that's one thing! I realized that probably, the wafer inside the Bites just makes the experience of eating ice cream a little but dry because it's inside a chocolate egg unlike for example, in cookies and cream where the cookies are exposed to the ice cream itself therefore giving it a softer texture. Or it's just probably me preferring simple ice cream above anything else.

Yup! Simply somehow Delicious. Not really very promising.

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