Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Voice UK vs USA. The Battle.

Recently, I've been watching a show called THE VOICE. Like before, I've noticed YouTube stars promoting this and after one and another, I was like "AGAIN?" I was really annoyed, if you can't tell.

Then I don't know but recently, WOW I just got hooked like that. Oh why again? First of all, just the thought of Adam Levine , enough said. Then one time I searched for The Voice on YouTube and a UK version showed. And my whole world was like "WHAT'S HAPPENING?".

Let the battle begin!

I think the combination of the judges is just so fantastic in the US version. In the sense that, provided you're truly is a singer, there's a place for you.

Well, here in the UK version however, they sort of talk a lot when the blind audition is going on and I have this feeling that they kind of have an ideal singer. If that makes sense.  Like, they really do talk a lot (said that already) and I think in majority of the contestants, the judges feel the same, sort of.  In the US version, they sort of talk but not really to the extent of being that obvious. They rather stare at each other a lot.

Also, not that I am being racist or anything, I think I was just shocked when I saw Will.I.Am there. Isn't he American? But then I remembered Simon Cowell. ALL GOOD. What I like about the UK version is that they have a legend there (Sir Tom Jones). Well ,everyone's a legend. So never you mind.

Talent can't be judged so I won't be speaking about that but (yes, I will), I think as far as talent is concern, I like the blind audition performances of the US. Well, I can't tell because they're kind of showing off individually already in the US whilst still on the blind auditions in the UK.


  1. I LOVE the voice UK! Vince Kidd's audition is amazing i think the difference between the US and UK version is the Uk is more quirky? and I love the accent! And is amazing on it! so is Jessie.J .. and danny? GORGEOUS!

    1. Yes! I'm a sucker for accent too. DANNY IS <3 and have you watched the episode where Jessie J. accidentally pressed her button? She's so funny. If not, here :D


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