Thursday, 8 March 2012

Maybelline Baby Lips. Energizing Orange.

I bought another lip balm awhile ago because I kind of want to have a variety. Lip balms are generally boring so, you know. Or is it just me?

I wanted to have a different color so instead of buying another pink shaded tube, I think this is a good innovation. But I must admit that I hesitated. What there is there though. 

To my displeasure, it's a colorless formula. I actually though that I can have an orange tint from this but nah. What I also don't like about this is that the scent of the orange is so strong that it actually makes me dizzy (true story). The good thing is that it is actually very nice on the lips. It does feels soft but yeah the scent is just so annoying but who knows? I just bought this now and will try to wear them a couple more days and see if that kind of scent is something I'll get used to. But as of now, not something I would repurchase. For now it is a miss. 


  1. Cherry me is my favorite,
    grape vine is a dark purple tint if you want something different. The others don't smell that bad

    1. I actually got addicted to Energizing Orange. But yeah,I still complain a lot when I noticed the scent. I tried not to mind but it's really difficult sometimes. Might try the other variants for comparison. And yeah, I think a dark purple tint would be nice. :)


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