Thursday, 8 March 2012

Stop at nothing.

So I've watched this short film by some good and awesome people and I must admit that I cried a little bit. I've always thought that there should be people who should act on something because the government isn't really very responsible and reliable sometimes. By sometimes I mean always. Proven right, am I? In the beginning of the film, hell yeah. At the end, almost.

So what the hell is wrong with this Joseph Kony? No idea. Probably ruined childhood. But even so, seriously? Is he nuts? Nothing to do better at all? Why kids? Because they're powerless and weak and stuff? What would he feel if his child would be abducted by some psycho people as well? HAPPY? I bet his conscience is so ruined that he doesn't even have a soul already. I bet he's actually pretty crazy to be doing this. Someone call a psychologist. Or a police. 

So he abducted more than 30000 kids and forced them to kill their parents, be a soldier, be a sex slave, and do crappy things to them like transfigured their faces. FOR WHAT? I mean, he's already in power from having them and taking them away from their families and now he's stepping up his crappy game and doing these rubbishes to them? I hope his parents would come up and make him realize stuff. If ever his parents actually raised him well (which I 99% doubt). Not to blame the parents if they do believe that they did all their best though and that this Joseph Kony's attitude is purely based on environmental factors (which I 99% doubt). 

Or am I lacking with my research and is his parents dead? I don't care now.

Do you know how hard is it to live in terror of being abducted? I bet it's 10 times harder than sitting in a 2 hour Clinical Chemistry class with a professor that randomly calls student from his master list and shoots questions endlessly. Or probably 10 times harder than being trapped in the University of Santo Tomas due to so much flood. 

But that things we were trained for. These kids? What's up? They sure didn't realize that they're gonna be abducted a few seconds before they were. And it's sad. What would you feel if you slept in your bed and woke up in some unknown place the other day? Forcing you to fight for the wrong reason and abuse your sexuality? 

Don't answer me with "it's a different case" or "I am not in the situation" what the heck? You don't really get it don't you?

I hope children in Uganda would be forever smiling like this. I hope they'd live a normal child's life. I hope they'd be able to forget that fear and live like tomorrow's full of hope. Which will only happen if this Joseph Kony shit would be put into jail. Electrocute him to death, I don't care. Feed him to some wild animals in the Safari. Let the aliens in the 4th sense abduct him or shit. Just don't kill him with kindness. 

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