Friday, 9 March 2012

Wish wish wish.

I've always thought of traveling with my cousin and my best friend just about anywhere/everywhere. I guess that's one of our similarities, we love to travel! Although we haven't been really out of the country together, it's one of the things we want to do very very soon. My best friend is a tourism student so I guess that would be very helpful and at least we'll know our whereabouts and stuff like that. But probably not. We'll probably get lost anyways. What's the fun in knowing everything, yeah?

We kind of always talk about going somewhere ever since we're in high school and now that we're almost graduating college, it's one step closer. I can't wait! 

I think we would all agree that we want to go to France because it's just so inviting. Well, I think they'll agree to go wherever I want to go, because I'm always the one who's like, "I want to go to..." kind of person and they'd be like very patient and stuff. Yeah, I think we just want to go wherever and be happy with each other's company. We always do.

Cousin, I, and best friend.
Recently, I've been really planning our travel thingy and stuff like that. Cousin want to go somewhere in Asia, which I think is nice but I just can't be bothered changing plans. But whatever! Probably. 

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