Saturday, 10 March 2012

BubbaTeaLiscious tea.


As bad as the photo may be, this is a  large Pearl Milk Tea in Caramel. A friend of mine named Kim told me that she prefer Bubba than Simple Line so I wanted to give it a try. I like Simple Line's Caramel so I ordered the same for a comparison. I think that the Caramel flavor is really very obvious in this one. Not that it's too sweet. It's kind of a very strong flavor without being too sweet. However, I actually saw them open a sachet of powdered milk tea which I was not very happy about. At least I once saw that they're drying some leaves for their teas in Simple Line. So I think even though I really like the Caramel infusion, I would still prefer to drink Simple Line, just because they're healthier (in my opinion) and not too much flavoring, which is nice and what I'm after. 

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