Sunday, 11 March 2012

Chanel lipstick!

Just to let you know, my best friend is super obsessed with orange lipsticks. I remembered how I went with her and looked for some nice pigmented orange lipstick and stuff like that. We failed. My mom also was very nice to give her an orange lipstick from Japan which my best friend said was awesome! So when I received my make-ups from my auntie. I think I posted that somewhere, you just have to find it, I found a Chanel lipstick that's in orange so yeah I'm gonna give it to her. I asked my mom if I can do so, and all she said was "that's not the kind of orange Nissan wants" haha she said that my best friend likes a really deep shade of orange but I'm gonna give it to her anyways.

I kind of want a Chanel lipstick and actually wished that it was a shade of my preference but it was orange/coral which I am not very happy with but anyways, good to have a best friend with kind of opposite preference at some point because at least, it'll not go to someone whom my mom picked it's going to. Kind of pricey and they probably couldn't pull an orange lips like I believe my best friend can. 

I'll also be giving an undergarment and two colorful eyeliners! Yay! Haha

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