Monday, 12 March 2012

Pottermore! AT LAST!

Why are you here? Do you actually like my blog or you are just so lazy to read The POTTERMORE INSIDER? I wonder. HAHAHA

So, for all of you who are still waiting for POTTERMORE to be open for everyone, GUESS WHAT? YUP! You still have to wait until early APRIL 2012 to access the site. If you can still remember, it should have been opened end of OCTOBER 2011 and they kind of postponed it for some reason. They said it is to develop or to enhance features and all that rubbish. Just kidding! :)

Not being so pessimistic here but if they decided to kind of extend it again, they would probably open it NOVEMBER 2012 or whatever because it took them 6 months to polish stuff and all that but that is just my pessimist alter ego so you need not worry my dear.

We are cool, right? Okay.

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