Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fuji Safari Park, Japan. A look back.

Fuji Safari Park is approximately near the foot of the mountain. You can always follow the signs and it’s all over. Entrance is 2,700 yen for adults and 1,500 yen for juniors. 

The safari part of the zoo is basically a drive-thru and yeah you kind of have to wait if there's like too many cars and you have to be patient if you kind of want to move forward. But of course, who the hell wants to move forward that fast? You have to cherish the moment. Which I think I wasn't able to do. But whatever. Still got it fresh in my memories. 

As a safety precaution, it's not advisable to open the window but from my experience, there's really not much - not at all animals that aren't in their sanctuary kind of thing. They're just relaxing and stuff like that and just looking around. BUT! you don't want to experience that first hand, aye?

There are like 5 or more emergency/patrol cars throughout the Safari which is nice because whatever happens, there's an assurance that help would come or whatever like that. That feeling of safety is just so awesome.

Here's an example of the shuttle you can ride in. I actually suggest that you ride in there because from my view of point, actually it's more awesome. I wonder if it's actually a bother to like have a grid in their view because of the railings, but yeah whatever. Our eyes are pretty awesome in adapting so probably not too much. 

See, told you it's harmless. Haha


My favorite photo
Hooray for the baby giraffe!

Also, they have this mini park where you can see the not so safari park. You can see monkeys, sheeps, pigs, dogs, cats and all that zoo stuff in there. You can also grab your lunch inside and yeah just enjoy life with the animals. 

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