Sunday, 8 December 2013

UST in December

So I have told you guys about my previous will to visit my favorite alma mater and guess what? I have accomplished that days after that wish. Pretty proud of my self LOL. Anyways. As expected, it's enchanted and just beautiful as it is. I actually thought that it would be a little bit more peaceful though but anyways. The thing is they were actually having an event so we stopped for a while.

Main Building

I prefer seeing the Main Building on its own but since they were having a program and the stage is like at the center, I failed. But it was still beautiful as always.

I actually don't know if I am more impressed now or last year but thing is they have a different theme sort of each year but there's just some things worth appreciating than others that's all I can say.

Oh anyways as I was telling you guys awhile ago, there was like a center stage set up right? My cousin and I were like, what is this sorcery? So when we read the tarpaulin thingy that they have there, I instantly saw SPONGE COLA! And you know what that means! I may have told you that they are my fave BAND and yeah I was like, this day is meant to be.

Yael of Sponge Cola
It was a solid 4 song gig that we enjoyed so much and it has been a while since I had a gig with them. I think it was actually when I had an accidental gig so yeah.

I think this is my favorite part because this is just pretty and like people are just everywhere and who doesn't love to see people? Me. But that's besides the point. They have like pretty lanterns and lights.

What is this though?
Seriously they have like a lot of this and I was like, what? Why? LOL. It was nice to see them though. I mean kind of refreshing to see something different almost.

Cat with the unknown thing
You gotta have your green!
I think besides watching the bands, we spend our time mostly by taking the perfect jump shots and trust me, I have a lot of fail jump shots and it made us laugh for a good amount of time. LOL.

the infamous Christmas Tree
I think this is like the closest I got to the tree on an ordinary day. Let me just make it clear that it's not actually a tree. It's like a woody thing set up and they somehow managed to make that triangular thing that looks like a tree. I make no sense. But I know you understand. Thanks. 

Again, I don't what each of these means. It looks like a smiling lips though. Or a double banana for that matter. LOL. I therefore conclude that it's better just to look at it than to interpret.

I really enjoyed roaming around and just walking and looking at the lights and stuff. It's actually a bonus since I don't have exams to think about and stuff so yeah. As I've said, I don't want to compare it from last year or like the past 4 years of decorations because yeah it's just different and incomparable each year. I'm now officially excited for Pasukan 2013 to happen. I bet it's gonna be awesome. See yah later! 

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