Wednesday, 4 December 2013

December Plans and Wishes

Already December 3 today! Can you believe it? What's up guys? It's already the last month of 2013 and I only have roughly 4 months left to spend in this country. So I thought I'd share my December plans with you. Not that I have a lot though LOL. 

Christmas is just around the corner so I'm looking forward to our Christmas Party. It would be around mid December and since it's the first work-related Christmas Party that I would be attending to, I'm really happy. Although I have been told that we're just gonna eat outside and not really celebrate as in celebrate, I think it would still be something something. 

I want to see UST at night. I don't know but there's really something about seeing it at night on Christmas season. It kind of removes the stress from my system and I love it. 

UST Annual Paskuhan is also coming up and I wouldn't dare miss that! It would be my last time for a long time so I'm quite excited for that. My aim this season is to actually go and sit somewhere in front because dude we always stay at the back and I think the closest we got to watch is like mid section only.

I am looking forward to Christmas as well. We'll go to the Church that's for certain and watch a MMFF entry probably and yeah looking forward to that.

I don't know if I would be able to go to Bataan with fam to celebrate the dad's  birthday because of duties but most likely, not. But I still want to go there though. Just to relax and enjoy life a little bit. And if you haven't seen mu blog post about that, the sunset there is phenomenal. 

Also, if lucky, I want to visit some falls which is like away from the city but not too far from here. It's not yet too mainstream so I want to get there before it's too late sort of. That's all for my December plans guys! It's not too much but I just want to share it with you. That's all guys. 

And oh! One last thing before I go, I will try my very best to blog every other day this month. I'm doing good so far by blogging everyday! And hopefully I would be able to keep up with you as much as I managed to do for the first three days of this month so far. Alrighty. 

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